The Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

West Yorkshire

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons Investiture Meeting 7 June 2016

A large contingent of West Yorkshire Mark Master Masons spent a most enjoyable day at Grand Lodge for the Investiture meeting which was rather more special than normal.

In attendance were:

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent,

The Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master, Richard Victor Wallis, JP,

The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, H. Keith Emmerson and

The Right Worshipful Assistant Grand Master, Raymond John Smith

After the usual opening formalities, attention turned to the substantive items where it was announced that amongst those named to the General Board of the Grand Lodge of Mark master Masons was our own Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles  G,M,R.A.C, a delight to all of the West Yorkshire contingent.

Thoughts then turned to the main agenda items:

  • Proclaim Most Worshipful Brother, His Royal Highness Prince Michael; of Kent, GCVO as Grand Master and he was saluted accordingly.
  • Appoint and Proclaim Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis, JP as Pro Grand Master, with appropriate salutations.
  • Appoint, obligate, invest and install Right Worshipful Brother Raymond John Smith as Deputy Grand Master, with appropriate salutations and finally,
  • Appoint, obligate, invest and install Right Worshipful Brother John Herbert Prizeman as Assistant Grand master with appropriate salutations.

The appointment and investiture of the Grand officers for the year 2016/2017 then proceeded and included the following Brethren from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, West Yorkshire:

First Appointment to Acting Rank

Bro. James Stanley, G. Stwd, Gothic Lodge No.1018

First Appointment to Past Rank

Bro. James Ian Reynolds P.A.G.D.C., Escafeld Lodge No.1139
Bro. Graham Anthony Cooper P.A.G.D.C, Bronte Lodge No. 535.
Bro. Alan David Hines P.A.G.Swd.B., Dartmouth Lodge no.545
Bro. Graham Fisher P.G.St.B., Pudsey Lodge No. 658.

Promotions to Past Rank

Bro. Philip Raymond Mann to P.G.J.O., Pontefract Lodge No.878.
Bro. John Robert Parker to P. G.S.D., Lightcliffe Lodge No. 715.
Bro. Gerald John Anthony Graham Barker to P.G.S.D., St Chad Lodge No. 374.
Bro. Jack Acton to P.G.J.D., St Hiev Lodge No. 1079.
Bro. Philip Keats Taylor to P.G.J.D., Castle Lodge No. 1257.
Bro. Philip Oldfield to P.G.J.D., Fearnley Lodge No. 58.

Re Appointment to Acting Rank direct from the Grand Lodge of M.M.M.

Bro. John Edward Vause D.G.D.C., Haywra Lodge No. 525.


Warm congratulations to all upon preferment’s well merited, special mention for W. Bro. Philip Mann, a reward for all the very hard work he and Judith have put in to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust.


Afterwards 36 of our contingent dined at the Freemasons Arms, sharing the facility with our friends from the Province of North and East Yorkshire where we enjoyed good food and good company, remainder of our Party in the Connaught rooms. What a wonderful Mark Masonic occasion, not even delayed trains from Kings Cross could tarnish the event, and there it would have been nice to finish. Unfortunately some our Brethren decided to ignore the plea by our Provincial Grand Master that, in the true spirit of Brotherly love we stay to the end of proceedings, leaving well before some of our own Brethren had been invested.

Appointments to Mark Grand Rank 2016

At the Grand Lodge Annual Investiture meeting in London on 7th June 2016 the Most Worshipful Grand Master will be pleased to conferred Grand Rank to the following Brethren of our Province.

First Appointment to Acting Rank:

W. Bro. James Stanley Grand Steward Gothic Lodge 1018


First Appointment to Past Rank:

W. Bro. James Ian Reynolds P.A.G.D.C. Escafeld Lodge 1139
W. Bro. Graham Anthony Cooper P.A.G.D.C Bronte Lodge 535
W. Bro. Alan David Hines P.A.G.Swd.B. Dartmouth Lodge 545
W. Bro. Graham Fisher P.G.St.B. Pudsey Lodge 658


Promotions to Past Rank:

W. Bro. Phillip Raymond Mann P.G.J.O. Pontefract Lodge 878
W. Bro. John Robert Parker P.G.S.D. Lightcliffe Lodge 715
W. Bro. Gerald Anthony Granville Barker P.G.S.D. St.Chad Lodge 374
W. Bro. Jack Acton P.G.J.D. St. Hieve Lodge 1079
W.Bro. Phillip Keats Taylor P.G.J.D. Castle Lodge 1257
W.Bro. Philip Oldfield P.G.J.D. Fearnley Lodge 58

Re Appointment to Acting Rank direct from Grand Lodge of M.M.M.

W. Bro. John Edward Vause D.G.D.C Haywra Lodge 525


I am sure that you will want to convey your own personal congratulations to these Brethren on their preferment.

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons Investiture Meeting 9 June 2015

West Yorkshire Mark Master Masons spent a most enjoyable day at Grand Lodge for the Investiture meeting which was held in the presence of:

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent
The Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master, Richard Victor Wallis, JP
The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, H. Keith Emmerson
The Right Worshipful Assistant Grand Master, Raymond John Smith


Appointments from the Province of West Yorkshire with their Lodges were as follows;

First Appointments to Acting Rank

Bro. Philip John Drury G. Stwd. Escafeld Lodge No. 1139



First Appointments to Past Rank

Bro. John Trevor Maxwell P.A.G.D.C. Knaresborough Castle Lodge no. 768
W.Bro. Ian Philip Booth P.A.G.Swd.B. Old York Lodge TI
W.Bro. Ian Yates P.A.G.Swd.B. Gothic Lodge No. 1018
W.Bro. John Arthur Barnes P.A.G.Swd.B. Bronte Lodge No. 535





Promotions to Acting Rank

W.Bro. Michael John Minns to G.S.D. Sincerity Lodge No. 943



Promotions to Past Rank

W.Bro. John Morgan to P.G.J.O. Rother Lodge No. 651
W.Bro. Robert John Winterflood to P.G.S.D. Copley Lodge No. 111
W.Bro. Brian Douglas Reeve to P.G.J.D. Wharfedale Lodge No. 1027
W.Bro. Lance Milburn to P.G.J.D. Beaumont Lodge No. 1523





Additional Promotion to Acting Grand Rank direct from Grand Lodge of M.M.M.

W.Bro. John Edward Vause to D.G.D.C. Haywra Lodge No. 525



This was a very proud day for all who received recognition but also for the Province of West Yorkshire, particularly as we now enjoy three Acting Grand Lodge Officers. I cannot remember when that was last the case but no doubt someone will enlighten me, I await with interest.

GL Jun 2015


The meal enjoyed at the Freemasons Arms, in the company of our friends from the Province of North and East Yorkshire was well received and a booking has been confirmed for 2016. Efforts will be made again by the Secretariat to obtain a block booking with Virgin East Coast as the trip has now become somewhat fragmented and lost some of its camaraderie and fellowship.        

The Carl Whitehead Lodge of Royal Ark Mariner No. 110

Saturday, 11 October 2014 and, at 11 a.m. prompt, the Worshipful Commander, Worshipful Brother Keith Robinson opened the Lodge. This meeting incorporates the Annual Meeting of the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners in the Province of West Yorkshire.

2010-06-29 00-28-55s

After the opening formalities, including a ballot for seven Joining Members which was successful, upon a report the Provincial Director of Ceremonies was admitted to be welcomed by W.Bro. Keith with the greeting, ‘Welcome W.Bro. Boswell’, amusement all round. The Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles, G.M.R.A.C, was then admitted and accepted the Sceptre. He then opened the Provincial Grand Royal Ark Mariner Assembly, a roll call of Royal Ark Mariner Lodges followed and tribute to departed Brethren during which Right Worshipful Brother Brian Emmett spoke very movingly about Very Worshipful Brother Brian Addy, Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master.  He reminded all that V.W.Bro. Brian believed passionately in our values, being a straight talker who only knew one way to do something, the right way. Undoubtedly he did not tolerate fools gladly and would have made a very good shop steward!

The Provincial Grand Master then made the appointments to Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank for the following Worshipful Brethren:

A.M. Johnson Old York TI
G. Milnes Prince Edward 14
A.B. Brailsford Portal 127
D.A. Leach Caldene 501
M.N. Holland Claro 525
J. Keighley Bronte 535
E.P.R. Pugh Dewsbury 641
M.J. Speight Welcome 651
J.J.A. Ringrose Pudsey 658
J. Millington Hipperholme 715
R. Hall Abbey 768
D.M. Cordell Pontefract 878
T.E. Dudley St. Hiev 1079
D. Townend Morley 1905


2010-06-29 02-19-08s


The Provincial Grand Master then addressed the meeting and covered the changes that would take place in November with the appointments of W.Bro. Richard Puttrell as Deputy Provincial Grand Master and W.Bro. Dr. Rod. Taylor as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. In respect of membership, 41% of Mark Master Masons are also Royal Ark Mariners and this does not compare favourably with the average of 60% amongst the better performing Provinces, something for us all to act upon. The Province of West Yorkshire will hold its Festival in 2023 for which work will commence, in earnest, in 2016 but a Committee is now to be established under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Designate, W.Bro. Richard Putrell.  A Bank account is being established, all taking place in close liaison with the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust. Finally he emphasised the Ladies’ Sunday Lunch to take place at Greenhead Masonic Hall on 26 October and the Annual Carol Service in Brighouse on 14 of December.

A rare occasion then took place when Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles, stepped down from the dais to present a Royal Ark Mariner Distinguished Service Award to Worshipful Brother Ernest William Angus, a very long serving member of Caldene Lodge of Royal Ark Mariner No. 501, in respect of his unstinting support of the Lodge and the Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariner. The Award was instituted in 2010 by the then Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. James Bennett Truswell; it cannot be awarded to Holders of Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank.

2010-06-29 02-16-45s


Finally he commented that the Mark 250 Club continues to prosper and that the funds raised are now being utilised to refurbish Provincial furniture, the Sword complete and the Banner now to be dealt with.

R.W.Bro. James Steggles, concluded by wishing that Strength and Beauty would continue to guide our footsteps and that the Supreme Commander of the Universe would keep us all, and all those close to us, safe and well.

The remaining business was then back in the hands of the W.Bro. Keith, one item being the Declaration of W.Bro. James Gray as the Commander for the ensuing year. An honour I am sure that W.Bro. Jim will thoroughly enjoy as I know from my own experience in 2008, the feeling when you ask all the Brethren present to join you in opening the Lodge is astonishing, over 150 Brethren rise – Wow.

W.Bro. Robert Winterflood gave a very comprehensive Almoners report emphasising that , in view of the numbers involved and the geographic spread, if any Brother knows of someone in need , do not assume that W.Bro. Bob knows, contact him to be sure.

After the meeting was closed, in due form, Brethren adjourned to join the Ladies at the Festive Board.

An excellent day enjoyed by all, smile, be happy and enjoy your Royal Ark Mariner Masonry.

Another Year for ‘Powerful Pete’

The Installation of the new Master of Dartmouth Lodge of Mark Master Masons took place, by dispensation, at Greenhead Masonic Hall, Huddersfield, on Wednesday 1 October, due to building works being undertaken at the Masonic Hall in Slaithwaite.

After the usual opening formalities had been observed and upon a report, the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles was admitted, to the delight of all present, and received with acclamation.

Dartmouth 011014 1s

The Installation was then undertaken by the Director of Ceremonies, Very Worshipful Brother John Barlow with the assistance of other Senior Brethren. Primarily this was because they had failed to dislodge the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Peter Dransfield who was to enjoy another year in the chair. The Ceremony was therefore by Proclamation, this being superbly discharged by V.W.Bro. John Barlow. W.Bro. Peter then appointed his Officers for the ensuing year, including W.Bro. John Madigan with three offices (they are obviously intent upon keeping him busy and present at all their meetings).

Dartmouth 011014 2s

At an appropriate juncture, the Provincial Grand Master requested that W.Bro. Gerald Draper P.Prov.G.J.W. be escorted to the centre of the Lodge. To the delight of all, and the obvious astonishment of W.Bro. Gerald , the Provincial Grand Master proceeded to promote him to Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden, a singular honour and one undoubtedly warranted. W.Bro. Gerald, was advanced into Dartmouth Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.545 on 1 February 1989, was Worshipful Master in 1994, and received his first Provincial Honours in 1999 – a stalwart of the Lodge for over 25 years. Always willing to help out wherever possible, he has an engaging smile and cheerful greeting that we all recognise, W.Bro. Gerald never seems unhappy. A credit to Mark Masonry in general and Dartmouth Lodge of Mark Master Masons in particular.

The toast to the Provincial Grand Master was delivered by W.Bro. Arnold Simpson who said that he had been impressed by the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. James Steggles in the fact that he never forgot Junior Brethren, not as had been in the past in some other orders; in this respect he was pleased to say that R.W.Bro. Jim was like all his predecessors in the Mark. The Provincial Grand Master responded appropriately, particularly thanking all the Brethren who had been involved in the organisation and stewardship of the Annual Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting in April. He also reminded the Brethren of the changes which will take place in November with Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters but also added that the new Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies would be W.Bro. John Vause and the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies would be W.Bro. Andrew Brown.
He would like as many as possible to join his lady, Joan and himself at the Provincial Sunday lunch to be held at Greenhead Masonic Hall on 26 October. This will be an excellent event, tickets can be obtained via a booking form on the web site. Lastly another date for your diaries, the Family carol Service at Brighouse on 14 December.


In his response to the toast to the Mark Benevolent Fund and the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, the Charity Representative, W.Bro. John Wilberforce Ashcroft emphasised the need to maintain contact with Brethren not attending Lodge, ideally with a visit, and to advise the Provincial Almoner, W.Bro. Alex Steele if assistance was required. The next event for the Charity is the Almoners Lunch to be held on Monday, 3 November, at Tapton Hall, Sheffield. In thanking all the Brethren for their contributions, as witnessed by the generous donation to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust that he had received, he commented, ‘your help today will be relief for someone else tomorrow’, how very true.

An excellent Mark Masonic evening , memories of W. Bro. George Haigh’s rendition of the Master’s song accompanied by the clinking of crystal glasses provided by the singer, superb.