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The Cleeves & Whitehead Trust Holiday to Llandudno: Sunday 3-10th July 2016

What a joy it was to be accepted and to enjoy one week in North Wales, funded by The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust. My wife Sylvia and I were very pleased to have been included. We all congregated opposite the Brighouse Masonic Hall, to board our coach to Llandudno. The baggage was taken care of, and it was lovely to see so many of our Rulers helping to organise in the crowd of well wishers, …

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An Insight into the workings of The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust

We are all justifiably very proud of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust; many of us regard it as the jewel in the Crown of the Province of Mark Master Masons, West Yorkshire. It was created in 2006 from an amalgamation of the Cleeves Memorial Fund and the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund. Much of the work to achieve this milestone was undertaken by R.W.Bro. Brian Emmett and V.W.Bro, Brian Addy, the latter sadly no longer …

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A Snappy performance by the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust

With the economic gloom over the Country for the majority of the past seven years, there has been little, if no, scope for the Trustees of the charity to entertain any requests for outside assistance. Given the improving situation over the past two years, they have continued to evaluate proposals and found the SNAPS Charity worthy of assistance. Snaps  was formed in March 2004 with the objective of providing information, support and learning resources for …

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The Mark and the Craft work together to help Flood victims in the Province

On 14 January, the Craft Province of Yorkshire West Riding and the Mark Province of West Yorkshire were pleased to make a joint presentation of £5,000 each to the Bradford District Community Foundation flood relief appeal, to help those most affected by the recent unprecedented floods in the area. This is the third such joint donation made by the Craft and the Mark. Two other donations of the same amount from West Riding Masonic Charities …

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The Floods in West Yorkshire – The Mark joins the fight in the big clean-up operation

Following the devastating flooding across Northern England during the Festive Season, the Mark Province, the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust and the Mark Benevolent Fund have been working together to identify Mark Masons who have been affected and to provide assistance in local communities for the big cleanup operation. The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust initially donated £5,000 to the Mark Province of Cumberland and Westmoreland, when many parts of that Province were flooded before Christmas, but …

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