Communicate – Communicate – Communicate

Posted by Jason Cunningham on  20 November, 2020
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This year of lock downs, social distancing and the inability of our Lodges to meet, has made the need to communicate and engage with each other more important than ever before. To this end the Provincial Grand Master and his Executive have already held no less than ten Zoom Communication meetings with Brethren and Provincial working groups across the Province during the Summer and Autumn months. Many more such meetings are planned over the Winter.

T@3 Collages

Posted by Jason Cunningham on  18 November, 2020
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To purchase your own T@3 Mug and raise funds for the 2023 Festival click here 18th November 2020 11th November 2020 4th November 2020 28th October 2020 21st October 2020 14th October 2020 7th October 2020 30th September 2020 23rd September 2020 16th September 2020 9th September 2020 2nd September 2020 26th August 2020 19th August 2020 12th August 2020 5th August 2020 29th July 22nd July 15th July 2020 8th July 2020 1st July

Virtual Lodge Meetings

Posted by Warren Marsden on  18 November, 2020
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The Provincial Grand Master has written to all Lodges about holding Virtual Business Meetings and Virtual Lodge Meetings. A document outlining the protocol for holding Virtual Lodge meetings has also been produced to give further guidance These have been circulated to all Lodge Scretaries and Scribes, but can be viewed by clicking the links below: – Click Here for the Letter from the PGM Click Here for the Protocol Document

Pushing the boat out – Old York TI RAM Virtual Business Panto Update

Posted by Jason Cunningham on  15 November, 2020
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Following an internal leak, resulting in the plot being published on the Provincial website, the Old York VBP is now wallowing in Masonic protocol. I’ve cleared my inbox in anticipation of the inevitable tsunami of statutory guidance, streaming through the ether, from Grand Lodge and the joint Provincial lockdown bunker on how Virtual Business Pantos must be run. Doubtless there’ll be reams of rules on the wording for the programme, the dress code for actors

A different approach to a ‘Burns Night’

Posted by Jason Cunningham on  9 November, 2020
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I am confident that the vast majority of you are cognisant of a Burns Night and the proceedings including the Address to the Haggis. The latter derives from the French term ‘hacher’,  to chop or mangle, and is  mentioned by Gervaise Markham, a writer, in his book, ‘the English Huswife’. The dish was adopted by our cousins North of the Border and became their National Dish prompting Robert Burns to write , ‘Address to the