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Taking the barge back to Skipton at the end of the very successful “Barge Pull” last year l got chatting to John Lobley, one of the lock keepers at the Bingley 5 Rise, who said he was planning to raise money to buy a defibrillator unit at the locks. He told me that the previous summer a gentleman had collapsed whilst visiting the locks and they had to run to the fire station to borrow their defib unit.

V.W.Bro. John Fred Clough with the PGM and members of the 5 Rise Locks staff

As we talked I said that the Canal and River Trust had been very helpful to our barge skipper, Mike Brearley, in the planning of the venture and that perhaps l could help him if l could persuade my fellow Trustees of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust that it was a worthy cause and of help to the local community.

John Clough officially hands over the defibrillator to John Lobley

They said yes, the unit was ordered but then we hit up against a “brick wall”. Actually it was a “stone wall” as John emailed me to say that all the buildings at the top lock were “listed” so they couldn’t find a place to “moor” it. However he found out that the old stable block, now The 5 Rise Café, wasn’t listed and the proprietor, Marcus, had readily agreed to allow the unit to be fixed to a wall outside his café.

Joined by Marcus, proprietor of the 5 Rise Locks Cafe (centre right) and members of the public

Tuesday 25th June the PGM and l went over to Bingley to “officially” hand over the unit. Raining it was, but that did not put a damper on the smiling faces of John Lobley and friends on the day. We left hoping that the unit would never ever be used but for the thousands of visitors and the local community it’s there “just in case”.

John Clough,
Trustee of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust

Woodland View, Cleeves and Whitehead Trust

Thursday, 6th June 2019 and the Provincial Grand Master, Jim Steggles, his good lady Joan together with Jim and Eileen Stanley, Philip and Ruth Drury and myself visited this NHS Nursing Home, one of the two supported in Sheffield; It is unique in that it is the only such facility in the country managed by the NHS. We were met by Chris Herrett, Sincerity Mark Lodge who drew this deserving cause to the attention of Philip Drury and the rest is history. The NHS home is supported by a dedicated charity, The Woodland View Dementia Support Group. 

Their residents are all severe dementia sufferers whose complicated needs cannot be met other than in a dedicated, specialised unit. This small, local charity comprises relatives, friends and staff who help and support residents and they try to make life a little better  by raising money for the “extras” which make the days richer. The C&WT was able to donate the funding for a “Tovertafel” (“The Magic Table” in Dutch). This piece of equipment, a projector which displays moving images and sounds onto a flat surface. is interactive, colourful and stimulating. The residents are encouraged by the projections in instinctive participation to engage at a level of physical and social activity rarely seen in people living with dementia at this stage of their journey.  Games can be played both independently and with others, either residents and staff or, particularly, family and other visitors allowing Grandchildren to join in with their Grandparents, excellent therapy. 

We were very impressed by the people we met who included Trustees Mrs. Rita Brooks and her friend, minder (her words not mine) Mrs. Sue Harding OBE, both of whom have been involved for nine years and Jim Sherwin, the Registered Manager. At one point in our discussions comment was made that they could do with another ”Magic Table”, well if you do not ask you most certainly will not get. I would most  heartily concur having seen the impact made, over to you Trustees!  

Brethren Smile, be happy, we are all Mark Master Masons.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

A day on the Calder Hebble Navigation, spent with St Chad Mark Lodge and friends.

A lovely day spent with the Safe Anchor Trust Ltd. on the Calder Hebble Navigation. The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust has supported this wonderful charity which provides trips for disabled adults and children, and those living with life’s disadvantages. The trust has three specially adapted narrow boats , which last year gave 7,000 adults and children, with all different sorts of needs, a trip on the water. Now that is some achievement!! 

Thank you St Chad for organising the trip and also for your ongoing support of the Safe Anchor Trust.

Also thanks to our Provincial Grand Chaplain Roger Quick for his musical entertainment, enjoyed by all even with Alex Steele singing along in the background.




Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, Eulogy in respect of Mrs Judith Mann

This is a Eulogy given at the Annual Meeting on the 2nd April by the Chairman of Trustees Jim Stanley.

‘’It s my privilege today to pay tribute to a Lady who was nothing short of a Legend in this Province.

Judith Mann ,Welfare Officer of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, and beloved wife of the late V.W.Bro. Philip Mann who worked alongside Judith, caring for the Brethren and dependants of the Province.

Judith was involved with the Cleeves and Whitehead as Welfare Officer virtually at it’s launch and as well as carrying out the duties of that office also took on the duties of helping with the annual holiday to Llandudno. Pretty soon she and Freda Buxton were running it. Travelling with the party, staying at the hotel, and looking after the Brethren seeing that they were enjoying themselves and that all went smoothly.

That was Judith… if it’s worth doing make sure that it’s done right. And she did. She gained a reputation in West Yorkshire as a hard working member of the Team, someone who could be trusted and whom you knew would not let you down. She took great pride in helping Brethren in distress and would move mountains to get a result. Everyone who came in contact with her had nothing but admiration for her tireless work. 

In 2010 she was presented with the P.G.M.’s Distinguished Service Award and we were all of the opinion that it was a justly deserved Honour in recognition of all that hard work which she had done on behalf of the Trust and the Province. 

Many Tributes have been paid to Judith following her passing on the 14th February, pointing out that her death was the end of an era….not so,… it was the end of a Golden Era..

Judith Mann will always be remembered as a Lady with Integrity, Compassion, and Loyalty, a staunch supporter of the Mark Degree and, in particular, the Members of this Province.  She will be missed.

Launch of the Mobile Cancer Care Unit for West Yorkshire.

On Monday, 5th November, the Cancer Charity, Hope for Tomorrow, and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust officially unveiled the state-of-the art Unit which has four treatment chairs and has been designed to enable flexibility for treatment locations. 

The Provincial Grand Master for the Mark Province of West Yorkshire, James Steggles spoke on behalf of the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF) and confirmed that this is part of an initiative being rolled out across the country. The MBF. the Charity arm of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons has funded the purchase of seven units at a cost of circa £2m and work has begun on an eighth. Travelling distances in many parts of the country can be quite long, not good news when Chemotherapy is involved, and these units will take the treatment to the Patient and have a significant impact on the quality of their live.


 The MBF supports many other worthy causes, in the last year£437,000, has been utilised in grants to 26 Blood Bike Charities throughout England and Wales. 17 bikes and 9 cars have been handed over. The next major project is already underway, the provision of 52 Ambulances and support vehicles for St John ambulance, total grant circa £3m.

The Mobile Cancer Chemotherapy Care Units (MCCU) is owned and maintained by ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ and will be provided along with a Nurses’ Support Vehicle (NSV) which allows the nursing team to travel to and from the locations of the MCCU; these locations are determined by the hospital, depending on where the patient need is greatest. Megan Broadley, Hope for Tomorrow Partnership Manager said: “We are very excited to be partnering with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and look forward to developing this further to make the MCCU a success.” Stacey Hunter, Chief Operating Officer of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said: “This is helping us bring our ambition to, wherever possible, offer patients care closer to home so that they don’t have to spend their valuable time travelling to hospital.”

Long may the excellent work of the ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ Charity continue to improve the lives of so many at a very difficult time. 

Duncan Smith, Communications Manager.

West Yorkshire Province  of Mark Master Masons.