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Personal Letter from the PGM – May 2020

Musings of a Deputy PGM in Lockdown



A FEW YEARS AGO I TRAVELLED to a picturesque market town, nestling in the heart of rural Yorkshire, to attend a Consecration. After a perilous journey down narrow, winding, manure-encrusted country roads I eventually arrived, paid an extortionate fee to enter the municipal car park, and was swept up in a tide of Saturday shoppers ambling round a plethora of stalls along the ancient cobbled thoroughfare. A double-take at my watch showed I’d arrived early, …

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God’s Own Country

Yesterday morning, God was seen walking around Yorkshire. “What are you doing?” he was asked, “Working from home”, he replied

Flat caps, Ferrets and Freemasons

DURING THIS PERIOD OF ENFORCED ISOLATION my mind wandered back to a few summers ago when, against my better judgement, I went to a Traction Engine Rally. In this pre-social distancing era I found myself surrounded by greasy, flat-capped, Fred Dibnah types standing round, hands deep in pockets, salivating over road rollers and steam-powered stone crushers. There were all sorts of smoke-belching, archaic creations from the Industrial Revolution, in various stages of dilapidation, from gigantic …

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