Grand Lodge Appointments and Promotions

When you read this many of us should have been in Great Queen Street celebrating the preferment of our fellow Brethren and looking forward to a visit in September to complete the process. Sadly, coronavirus has stepped in and it is unlikely, unless social distancing is drastically reduced, that we will convene in the Autumn  A report with a difference therefore, each of the appointees has provided a pen portrait, read digest and Mark Well ,  Stay Safe.

Acting Ranks

John Maxwell
Grand Senior Deacon

John is proud to be a member of two Mark (Nos. 768 and 1139), and two R.A.M. (Nos. 768 and 110) Lodges.  John produces the Provincial Year Book and until recently was a Provincial Charity Representative.  John was Provincial Junior Warden in 2012 and appointed to Grand Lodge in 2015.  Professionally, John worked in the power industry as a qualified materials scientist, then as a manager in business planning.  After retirement he worked part-time as a Clinical Governance assessor in the NHS.  John has been married to Fiona for 47 years.  Enjoyment includes the obvious, voluntary work, trying to keep fit, (yes, really!), caravanning and village life.

Edward Wilkinson
Grand Steward

Edward joined Masonry in 1999, Lodge of Friendship No.750, Cleckheaton.  Edward was Advanced into Old York T.I. in 2001, becoming Master in 2006 and where he has held office as Secretary, Treasurer and currently, DC. In Province, Edward was appointed as acting Provincial Grand Master Overseer in 2011 and as acting Provincial Grand Junior Warden in 2017.

Edward also joined Aries No.669 in 2003, becoming Master in 2008, thereafter taking office as Treasurer and is currently their A.D.C.

Edward was Elevated into Old York R.A.M. T.I. in 2001 providing him with his first Chair in Masonry as Commander in 2006 and where he is currently D.C.  R.A.M. is an Order that Edward truly loves and where he currently holds the honour of Prov.R.A.M.G.R.  Edward is also a member of Carl Whitehead R.A.M. No.110 and Rugby Football R.A.M. No.1965.  Edward is also a member of York T.I. R.A.M. in N&E Yorkshire, where he has been Commander and is now A.D.C.

Edward has worked in the textile industry for 40 years since leaving school, as part of which he travels all over the world, especially to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and USA along with most of Europe.

Edward played a good standard of Rugby and Cricket when younger and now enjoys running, has completed several marathons, (best time 3:57hrs at 55 yrs old!), and now enjoys cycling and long mountain walks.

Edward was born in 1959 and lived in Wales for 14 years where he met Faye to whom he has been married for 27 years.  They have 3 girls; the eldest, Emma, works with Edward and Joanna and Georgina are still in education.

First Appointments to Past Rank

Paul Leach
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

Paul is a native of Leeds and a retired Police Officer.  Advanced into St Chad Lodge of MMM No.374 in September 2001, he became Worshipful Master in 2009, soon after being appointed as Lodge Almoner in 2012.

Paul was appointed to acting rank as Provincial Deputy Grand Chaplain in 2013.  Paul was appointed as a Provincial Charity Representative later the same year and held that office until March 2019, only relinquishing that position to be appointed as Provincial Grand Almoner in April 2019.  Paul was appointed to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2020.

John Marrison
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

John was initiated into Hall Cross Lodge No.5744 in March 1984, meeting in Doncaster.  John was Advanced into Danum Lodge of MMM No.398 in October 1990, where having taken the Chair in 2000, then became Lodge Secretary for a number of years.

In 1996, John was proud to have been a Founding member of Aireferry Lodge No.1769 at Belgravia MH, Goole, taking the Chair 1997 and afterwards serving as Lodge Secretary until 2019.

John was awarded the rank of P.Prov.G.S.D. in Provincial Grand Lodge and subsequently, P.Prov.G.S.O., P.Prov.G.J.W. and in 2017 became the acting Provincial Grand Senior Warden.

John has found the past 29 years in both Mark Masonry and as a member of the Province of West Yorkshire, to have been personally rewarding, allowing him to have made many good friends and to have spent many very enjoyable evenings in their company.  John would like to thank everyone for their companionship and consideration over the years; long may it continue

G. Gary Parker
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

Gary  was Advanced into the Beaumont Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1523 in 2003 and was elevated into the Pontefract Lodge Royal Ark Mariners No.878 in 2006.

He was Installed into the Chair of his Mark Lodge in 2007 and became the Secretary there in 2009, where he still holds that office.

He received his first Mark Provincial Appointment in 2012 when he became the Provincial Grand Sword Bearer and the following year becoming Commander of his Royal Ark Mariner Lodge before in 2015 joining the Carl Whitehead RAM No.110.

In 2018 Gary was promoted to Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden and appointed as the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary.  Later this year it is planned that he will be appointed as the Provincial Grand Secretary.

Alan Pendleton
Past Assistant Grand Sword Bearer

Alan is a member of Old York Lodge T.I., which he joined in1996, becoming Worshipful Master in 2003.  Alan has been married to his wife Catherine for 48 years and has 2 daughters and 4 grandsons.

Alan was employed at the Clerical Medical Investment Group for 26 years and for a short time was Sales Manager at Scottish Widows Leeds.

Alan has been a Trustee of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust for the past 7 years and has been on the finance committee for most of that time.  Alan loves what the Trust does and what it stands for, nothing gives him greater pleasure than being able to help his fellow Mark and Mariner Masons, their widows and their families.  Alan was very surprised by the offer of his Grand appointment and was very proud to accept.

Anthony Breckon
Past Grand Sword Bearer

As a happily married Mason, Tony joined Bronte Mark Lodge in 1983, becoming Master in March 1992.  Tony was honoured to be made Provincial Grand Standard Bearer in 1996, followed by P.Prov.G.J.W. and P.Prov.G.S.W.

Tony then joined St Hiev Mark Lodge in 2013 and soon took the Chair.  Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, Tony soon took over as Lodge Secretary, a position he currently holds.  Tony is also the Scribe of St Hiev RAM and a member of Westwood Conclave in the Order of Secret Monitor

Norman Dale
Past Grand Standard Bearer

Norman joined Freemasonry in 1980 at the invitation of his Father-in-law V.W.Bro. Victor Frank David Smith.  Norman became Master in 1993 and again in 2001, 2003 and 2016.  Norman presently holds the office of PPGSwdB.

In 1986 Norman was Advanced into Halifax No.706, becoming Master in 1994 and 2000.  Norman is very honoured to accept the office of P.G.St.B. in Mark Grand Lodge.

Norman retired in 2014 as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer and joined Transport For Sick Children, a charity taking underprivileged children to hospital appointments.  Norman’s other hobbies are mainly gardening and caravanning.

First Appointment to Past Rank (Cheshire)

Derek Walsh
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

Derek was Initiated into Baildon Lodge No.154  Hoyle Court, Baildon in November 1999; Advanced into Integrity No.110 in March 2001, becoming Master in 2008.  Derek became Provincial Grand Steward 2012, Past Provincial Grand Deacon 2013.  Derek then joined Deeside Mark, (Province of Cheshire), in 2012, becoming Master in October 2013.  Derek became Acting Provincial Junior Warden in 2017, Prov.A.G.D.C. in 2018 and Prov.D.G.D.C. in 2020.  Derek was Elevated into Elmete RAM No.111 in 2006 and later joined Sincerity RAM No.327, (Province of Cheshire), becoming their Commander in 2016.

In Craft, Derek was a Founder Member of Aequitas Lodge No.9835 & Hoose Lodge No.9920 and is also a member of Hilbre Lodge No.2375.  Derek is also a member of Hilbre Chapter No.2375, Hamilton Council No.54, (Royal & Select Masters), and a member of the Order of Athelstan, No.137.


The above are all effective from the  9th June.


Alan Oldfield
Past Grand Junior Overseer

W.Bro. Alan Oldfield was advanced into Mirfield Craft Lodge no 1102 on 13th March 1992. He became a Mark Mason on the 8thFebruary 1995 when he was advanced into Fearnley Mark Lodge no 58.  Alan’s first Provincial appointment in 2004 was as Provincial Grand Treasurer. Appointed in 2006 as Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary. Then in 2007 he was appointed as Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary and promoted to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden. In 2009 he received his first appointment to Grand Lodge as Grand Steward. In 2010 he was appointed Provincial Grand Secretary. Then in 2012 he received promotion in Grand Lodge to Past Grand Junior Deacon. Alan carried out his duties as Provincial Grand Secretary until 2017 when he was appointed as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the following year 2018 he was promoted in Grand Lodge to the rank of Past Grand Senior Deacon. In September 2020 he will be promoted in Grand Lodge to the rank of Past Grand Junior Overseer and at that time become Very Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield.

Andrew Wright
Past Grand Junior Deacon

Andrew was Initiated into Chevin Lodge No.6848 in May 1993, being Raised in January 1994.  Andrew was Advanced into Wharfedale Mark No.1027 in April 1997, becoming Master in 2000.  Andrew’s first Provincial appointment in 2004 was as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer, with promotion to P.Prov.G.J.W. in 2011.  Andrew served as a Trustee of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust between 2010 and 2019, serving as Chairman of Trustees from 2015 to 2018.

A further honour was to serve the Province as Senior Grand Warden in 2015, following which he was Provincial Grand Charity Steward from 2016 until 2019.

First Appointment in Grand Lodge was as Grand Steward in 2017.

Outside Mark, Andrew was the Craft Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 2014/15 and in 2016 he was appointed to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in Grand Lodge.  Andrew was Installed as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Yorkshire West Riding in January 2019 with responsibility for Area 3 and was subsequently promoted to Past Senior Grand Deacon.  In Royal Arch, after serving a year as Provincial Grand Steward, Andrew was promoted to Past Provincial Deputy Grand Registrar in November 2019.

Amongst Andrew’s interests outside of Freemasonry are Cooking, Caravanning and Cars, not necessarily in that order!  He is married to Susan, they have three grown up children and recently became Grandparents for the first time.

Direct Appointment (Promotion)

John Vause
Past Grand Junior Overseer

John was Initiated into Harrogate and Claro Lodge No.1001 in November 1981 as a 21 year old Lewis, becoming Master in 1990.  John was Lodge DC for 6 years, ProvAGDC for two years and ProvDepGDC for three years, being promoted to PPJGW in 2005.  John is currently a Provincial Liaison Officer.

John was Advanced into Haywra No.525 in March 1983, becoming Master in 1988.  John was appointed as Prov.G.Reg. in 1993, Prov.A.G.D.C. 1999-2004, Prov.D.G.D.C. 2010-2014 and as Prov.G.D.C. between 2014- 2020.  In 2010 John was appointed in Grand Lodge as P.A.G.D.C., becoming acting Deputy Grand D.C. between 2015- 2018, a role in which he is still active.

John was Exalted into the Royal Arch in 1991, becoming 1st Principal 2004.  John was his Chapter DC for 5 years being appointed to PPGSoj in 2010 and PPGSN in 2015.

John joined Abbey RAM No.768 in 1995 and was a Founder of Claro RAM No.525 in 1997, becoming their Commander in 2000. Prov.R.A.M.G.R. followed in 2008 and John became the DC of Carl Whitehead RAM No.110 between 2010 and 2015, gaining R.A.M.G.R. in 2017.John joined K.T in 2019.

John married his wife Julie in 1991 and his son Max is 22 and a trainee Chartered Surveyor. John's hobbies are old cars, motor racing and rugby, which he played for 41 seasons between the age of 11 and 52.

John is a Freeman of the City of York.

These will become effective on the 8th of September.

Regrettably we will not be able to congratulate any of them in person with an appropriate hand shake.; that also applies to all who received Provincial Grand Lodge Honours on the 18th April. Can I suggest , therefore, that all Lodges where Brethren have received distinction make a note so that, when we reconvene, notice is given in Lodges when appropriate recognition can follow.. In the meantime; 

Keep positive and happy, you are all Mark Master Masons

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager